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Czech and Slovak Games Week, a unique event hosted on the digital distribution platform Steam, will introduce dozens of games from Czech and Slovak game developers and creators. Some of the developers will offer their games with up to 90% discount as part of the event. The event will take place between 26th October and 2nd November 2020 on the occasion of the Independent Czechoslovak State Day, and it will be the first of its kind.

The goal of the event is to support the discoverability of Czech and Slovak games. „We have a total of 165 games from 72 Czech and Slovak studios. The interest from the developers was unprecedented and it makes us very happy to see how many of them decided to support the event and participate“, says Pavel Barák, the Chairman of the Czech Game Developers Association.

„The number of applications was indeed surprising. It illustrates well how many Czech and Slovak game developers are currently actively participating in the industry,“ Pavel added. Participation was confirmed from studios such as Bohemia Interactive, SCS Software, Warhorse Studios, Amanita Design, and CBE Software.

Czech and Slovak Games Week will begin on Monday 26th October from 6 PM CET (1 PM EDT) and it will last for the whole week until the 2nd of November 2020. Each day the event page will change and give a spotlight to different games. Many of the titles will be available on sale, with discounts reaching up to 90%.

The event is organized and initiated by the Czech Game Developers Association (GDACZ) in cooperation with the Slovak Game Developers Association (SGDA). We hope the event will do well and we will be able to organize it every year.

Czech Game Developers Association (GDACZ) is representing Czech game developers, protects and works in their interest in cooperation with the state administration bodies, and supports the development of the industry in Czechia.


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