Representatives of 14 Czech game development studios founded Czech Game Developers Association (GDACZ), which should protect and promote the interests of game developers in Czech Republic, cooperate and negotiate with governmental institutions, support local gaming industry and work on better conditions for game development.

Czech game development industry has grown and flourished not just because of great ideas, enthusiasm and courage, but also thanks to the mutual education, cooperation and cohesiveness of developers. These values are very important to all our members, namely About Fun, Amanita Design, Beat Games, Bohemia Interactive, Craneballs, DIVR Labs, Dreadlocks, Gammosaur, Geewa, Gold Knights, Grip Digital, SCS Software, Wargaming Prague and Warhorse Studios.

“Czech Game Developers Association started working on in-depth research of local gaming industry, which will be the most comprehensive mapping of Czech gamedev market. Results will be released during Q3 of this year. We are preparing projects that will support and educate new talents and bring new people to the industry. Our focus is not just local, but international as well“ says Pavel Barák, chairman of GDACZ.

All members determine the main goals and focus of the Association. Board consisting of seven members then supervise the execution. Any Czech game developer (legal entity or individual) can become a member of the Association.

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