Czech and Slovak Games Week
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Czech and Slovak Games Week
Czech and Slovak Games Week

The Czech & Slovak Games Week is here! November 13th marks the start of the event
which celebrates local videogame production, called Czech & Slovak Games Week. This
year is the fourth edition, offering more than 270 titles and discounts of up to 80%.

The main platforms of the event are once again Steam a GOG, where players can take advantage of atractive discounts on local games. Streams of individual titles, prepared shows, and developer demonstrations will be available on the Steam page, allowing the fans to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of videogame production.

The event officially kicks off on Monday, 13th November, at 7 PM CET, followed by the live
Direct Showcase from 8 PM CET on Steam. This show will present not only new and updated
games, but also world premieres and previously unpublished information and news.

„Czech & Slovak Games Week has become an important event not only for gamers, but for
small and medium-sized studios as well that are trying to make themselves visible on the
global market. We are proud to host this event and support our talented developers,” said
Pavel Barák, the chairman of the Czech Game Developers Association and a board member
of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

Czech and Slovak Games Week

Despite the pandemic and all adversities, Czech gaming industry is still growing and is
becoming an important sector. It is challenging for small and middle-sized studios, however,
to get their games onto the global market and attract the attention of foreign gamers. “We
are happy to see that the interest in our event has been growing with every year. This year,
115 studios have joined and over 270 titles have been registered for this year, which is a
fantastic number that proves how rich and diverse our gaming scene is
,” Pavel Barák added.

The whole week will offer not only discounts on games, but also an opportunity to learn
more about game production from the developers themselves. You can find the list of
participating titles and more information on the official website

The Games Week is organized by the Czech Game Developers Association (GDACZ) and
Slovak Game Developers Association (SGDA) with the help of their partners from Arkance
, Nine Rocks Games, the Indian show production, and the gaming

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