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Over 160 Games From 72 Creators. To Celebrate the Independent Czechoslovak State Day, Creators From Czechia and Slovakia Will Introduce Their Games on Steam.

Czech and Slovak Games Week, a unique event hosted on the digital distribution platform Steam, will introduce dozens of games from Czech and Slovak game developers and creators. Some of the developers will offer their games with up to 90% discount as part of the event. The event will take place between 26th October and…


Best Practices Related to Emerging COVID-19 Outbreak

1) Public Summary COVID19 – keep calm and carry on Currently social media has become a hotbed of misinformation related to COVID-19. Keep calm and rely on information and recommendation from official sources. WHO recommendation for the basic protective measures https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public WHO guidelines for mass gatherings https://www.who.int/publications-detail/key-planning-recommendations-for-mass-gatherings-in-the-context-of-the-current-covid-19-outbreak The most common COVID-19 related myths have been…