The GameHighED initiative has released the draft of the second project output. The aim is to create a model curriculum for bachelor studies in narrative and game design. The program should develop skills and knowledge in the areas of game design, psychology, narratology, media literacy, audiovisual design, law and finances, game production, and game business. The program is designed according to the ECTS system and proposes courses as well as their order, scope, and difficulty.

The document is currently a draft to collect feedback from the public. You can provide your feedback via the partnership program, which is open for like-minded educators and game industry professionals. You can find more information about the program here.

In the next step, the initiative will create syllabi and lesson plans for 12 selected courses:

  • First Steps in Game Design
  • Story / Scenario Design
  • Intro to Player Psychology
  • Analog Game Design
  • Game Project Management 1
  • Game Psychology & HCI
  • Game Development Tools
  • Digital Game Literacy
  • Digital Game Development 1
  • Digital Game Development 2
  • Visual & Audio Design
  • Game Business & Monetization


GAMEHIGHED is an initiative under the Erasmus+ program, aimed at the development of international cooperation of universities in the field of game dev education. The main goal of the project is the innovation of educational programs, the creation of open educational materials (OER), and a set of recommendations for developing excellence in the game dev professions. The Czech Gamedev Association is a main partner of the program together with universities from Czechia, Poland, Finland, and Turkey.

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